Support to Cadet Forces

NE RFCA enables the ‘cadet experience.’

The support provided by NE RFCA gives cadets the confidence to overcome challenges, to contribute to their communities and learn the value of citizenship.

The Professional Support Staff embedded in each Army Cadet Force (ACF) unit are employed by the NE RFCA. These employees are tasked to provide the staff, logistical, recruiting and clerical support to enable the Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAV) to deliver cadet training.

In the North East the ACF is organised into three units which are defined by the old preserved county boundaries: Northumbria, Durham and Cleveland. In addition to this, the NERFCA also plays a prominent role in the provision of material and financial support to the Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Cadets, as well as more limited support to the Sea Cadet Corps.

To  find out more about our additional support to cadets contact our Deputy Chief Executive, Head of Youth and Cadets, Iain Clyde