NE RFCA is a membership organisation, consisting of His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenants and 130 members, that provides representation from all strata of society in the North East.

Our  membership includes Ex-Officio and Representative categories plus the wider membership, all of whom interface with the local community and act as local ambassadors across the range of NE RFCA interests.  

They include:

  • Senior and Commanding Officers of Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, and Royal Air Force Reserve units.
  • Past and present serving members of the Armed Forces.
  • Representatives from the elected membership of Councils and Local Authorities, Military Education Committee,  higher education, youth organisations, employers and employee organisations.

We have six key messages that our Association members promote: 

  • Reserves:  Championing the value of Reserve service.
  • Cadets:  Promoting the Cadet experience.
  • Community, Civil and Defence Engagement:  Encouraging support to the Reserves and Cadets.
  • Estate:  Providing the best place to work and train.
  • Recruiting:  Supporting Reserves and Cadet recruiting.
  • Veterans:  Raising awareness of the needs of ex-Service personnel and their families.

Our Members login area will be regularly updated with news and events, policy documents and information on matters of importance to NE RFCA members.

The Members Login area is password protected and is exclusive to RFCA members.