Employer Engagement

The NERFCA Employer Engagement team offers assistance and advice to organisations, companies, Reservists and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers relating to Defence People-related employment matters.

They work with the MoD’s Defence Relationship Management (DRM) organisation to establish open and strategic relationships with employers, tailoring partnering opportunities to mutual needs and business goals. Click here to learn more about DRM.

The NERFCA's two Regional Employer Engagement Directors (REEDs) seek to spread the message to employers that when employing a Reservist not only are they employing a loyal, organised, hardworking team player, they are potentially gaining a highly skilled individual as well. The MoD currently estimates that, on average, a Reservist receives up to £9,000 pa worth of training in skills that can be transferred to the civilian workplace. Such skills acquired are wide ranging, from Time and Personnel management to driving certificates (HGV and LGV). This is impressive when compared with the average civilian employee who receives, on average, only £822 worth of personnel development training per year.

To find out more about Employer Engagement contact our Regional Employer Engagement Director, Darren Rhodes