Currently in the North of England there are...


Cadets in Army Cadets, RAF Air Cadets and Sea Cadets in our region


Reservists in our region


Members in our team of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

Reservists are ordinary people who come from diverse backgrounds...

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Find out more about the Reservists in our region and how you could join them.

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Cadets from all walks of life gain new personal and practical skills to use in everyday life...

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Find out more about the Cadets in our region: Army Cadets, RAF Air Cadets and Sea Cadets.

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Volunteers make an important investment in the future of young people...

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Help the young people in your area to develop by joining the team of Cadet Force Adult Volunteers

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NERFCA vision...

To be an enduring and essential pillar in the delivery of support for the well-being of the Reserves and Cadets and, through our effectiveness and our position in the Regions, to be the independent body that represents their interests and promotes understanding between the Armed Forces and civil society.

We support Defence Engagement and the collaboration between the military and civil communities.


Find out more about Defence Engagement across our region.

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We build, maintain and invest in the Reserve and Cadet estate across the North East.


Find out more about our estates within the North East.

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We have a responsibility to raise awareness of the needs of veterans and their families.


Find out about the support available to veterans.

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