Charitable Trusts

The NE RFCA maintains one charitable trust: The Viscount Ridley North of England Cadet Forces Trust, and members of all the Cadet Forces are eligible to apply for a grant.

The Viscount Ridley North of England Cadet Forces Trust

The aim of the Trust is to ensure that no Cadet is prevented from taking part in a character-building activity because of financial reasons.  The goal is to assist Cadets from all backgrounds to undertake adventurous, sporting and leadership activities which are challenging, interesting and life-changing, and which will help them to develop their life skills and reach their true potential.  Both individual Cadets and groups such as a unit, detachment or squadron can apply. 

In recent years, funding has been provided to allow Cadets to access and benefit from projects including:

  • The development of the Derwenthaugh Boat Station for Sea Cadets.
  • The International Air Cadet Exchange, in which RAF Air Cadets travel to destinations such as Canada, Singapore and Australia.
  • Army Cadets travelling to Canada and South Africa as members of the GB Rifle Team.
  • A group of Cadets undertaking a charitable construction project in Romania.
  • Scuba-diving kit for a CCF unit.
  • A skiing expedition overseas.
  • Support for summer camps to all the Cadet Forces, to allow all cadets to participate and benefit.

Registered Charity Number 1059373


To find out more about the Cadet Forces Trust contact our Head of Youth and Cadets (Deputy Chief Executive), Iain Clyde