The Estates Department is fully committed to the constant improvement of the NE RFCA Estate, providing Reservists and Cadets with the best facilities possible to enable them to carry out their duties and training.  Some 'Before and After' examples of the most recent refurbishments are:

1.     Toilet Refurbishment to ARC, Northfield Gardens, South Shields

Est Refurb  Est 2

Est 3 Est 4

2.     Estates liaised closely with 251 (Sunderland) Medical Sqn to turn an unused storeroom, in poor condition, into a well-used training classroom which provides the fully upgraded training space the unit requires.  A great example of using finite estate in the most cost effective way. 

Storeroom Adaptation, ARC Dykelands Road, Seaburn

Seaburn 2 Seaburn 3

3.     216 Tpt Sqn were delighted with the new training facilities provided when an underused garage was adapted into a gym at Tynemouth ARC.

216 Old Garage  216 ARC  

216 ARC New Old Garage 1 New gym

4.     Refurbishment of Normanby ACF Hut.   Supporting the Cadet Forces throughout our region is an integral part of the Department's duties and Normanby ACF hut is an great example.  The hut, out of use for some time, has been refurbished to a high standard, providing excellent facilities to allow the cadet detachment to expand and move forward.

Normbany Hut pre  Normanby Hut after

Normanby toilets pre Normanby toilets after