Reserve Forces and Cadets Association
for North of England

Community Engagement

One of our core functions is to maintain an active engagement with the wider community to inform it of the activities undertaken, and the contribution made, by the Reserve Forces and the Service Cadet organisations in our region.   We achieve this through our support and publicity of events that bring the military into contact with the civilian population.     

The Association is not part of the military chain of command but through our Volunteer Membership of experienced, professional and highly motivated people, who have an interest in Defence, we are able to engage fully with the continuously developing and diverse communities that form the Association's region:  we can promote, network, and create an understanding and endorsement of the value and role of the Armed Forces and, conversely, inform the chains of command of the needs and value of the community. 

For further information regarding Community Engagement and activities please contact:  June Harrison, Communications Manager, at: or 0191 3836255

Armed Forces Covenant

A successful example of community-military partnership is the Armed Forces Covenant. All12 Local Authorities within our region signed Covenant Agreements, together with the local military chain of command and the Government, to provide over-arching care for Veterans and serving military personnel within their area of authority. Each Local Authority provides a Military Champion and the project, which received overwhelming support, has continued to work on behalf of all sections of the military since its conception in 2012.

Military Engagement with the local community

There are many ways in which the military can engage with the local community. The Service Presentation Teams regularly visit our area, supported by us and the local chain of command; Service unit commanders attend key local events and representatives of the local civilian population are frequently invited to attend military functions.

If you have an event planned where you think the Services can assist or indeed benefit from attending, please let us know.  Contact details are shown above.

Durham County Council signing the Armed Forces Community Covenant