Polam Hall School and Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College CCFs were devastated when they did not get a CTT Central Camp slot this year and it looked as though their annual camps would not take place.  

Undaunted, SSI Lt Kat Wilson CCF and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers from both detachments were determined to give their cadets a camp this year somehow.  So, with help and support from the Headteacher of Polam Hall School, NE RFCA Schools Cadet Expansion Officer, Karl McMichael, NE RFCA Cadet Forces' Trust and others, the cadets were able to experience a hastily rearranged 4-day camp in Polam Hall school grounds.

The camp included sleeping out in tents, activities including Adrenaline (in Richmond), paint balling, field craft, shooting and drill competitions.  50 Signal Squadron, based in Darlington, set up stands to run communications activities for the sections which the cadets really appreciated.   In all, 24 cadets from both CCFs, 4 CFAVs and the SSI had the time of their lives.  

tents Grounds

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