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Queen’s Own Yeomanry - Ex ALPINE SNOWFOX 2018 at Val D’Isere

On January 07th 2018 the Queen’s Own Yeomanry (QOY) deployed on Exercise Alpine Snowfox – the Annual Pan-Yeomanry Ski Championships held in Val D’Isere France.  This year over 160 Reservists took part with 32 soldiers representing the QOY.

The aim of the Exercise was to provide instruction to all levels of abilities from complete beginners to extremely experienced skiers. This intensive instruction then culminated in a very challenging ‘Giant Slalom’ race at the end of the week.  

 At the start of the week, the weather certainly looked promising with some good snow forecast. By day 2 however they had so much snow it resulted in all the resort lifts being closed and a curfew imposed on the evening.  Who would have thought you could get too much snow in a ski resort.  The next day however, the sun was shining and the pistes were absolutely glorious which made for some amazing skiing both on and off piste!

The instruction continued throughout the week and the QOY contingent were progressing well and focussing on their challenge ahead – the Giant Slalom! For our beginners this was a very daunting challenge, as most had never set foot on a ski slope on day 1, and by day 4 they were expected to compete in the Pan-Yeomanry Championships.  When the day arrived however, all our beginners did exceptionally well with two progressing to the main race the following day!

On the Day of the Championships the skies were clear, the snow was great – conditions were perfect! The QOY performed exceptionally well with 8 placings in the top 30.  Special mention should go to Capt Jack Pullinger who won the overall race by an impressive 2 seconds, which is a considerable amount.  A great achievement!  2LT Anna McDermott was also the fastest female in the junior category, another fiercely contested race.

This was an extremely enjoyable but challenging week and huge congratulations to all involved for their efforts and achievements! Bring on 2019!