Reserve Forces and Cadets Association
for North of England

HMS Calliope takes to Kielder Water

This weekend HMS Calliope’s Ships company descended on Kielder Water, the largest artificial lake in the UK, located in Northumberland.

Arriving on Friday evening, the Reservists pitched tents and headed to the Kielder Water Sailing Club’s Boat house for the exercise brief, and while the participants enjoyed the hospitality of the Sailing Club the weekend's instructors reviewed the final plan, and adapted for numbers, environmental factors, and available equipment.

A 0630 start to Saturday, and a Rat Pack (ration pack) breakfast to get everyone going! The participants were split up into two groups, Port and Starboard Watch. Starboard Watch went straight to the sailing evolution, led by HMS Calliope’s Sailing Officer PO Phimister . HMS Calliope owns two Topaz Sailing Dinghies which are permanently stored at Kielder water. The participants were taught some of the basics, including capsizing.

Port Watch took part in a navigation exercise, led by LHs Kirk and Forrest, which included the team planning the route to the supplied coordinates using only the ordinance survey map of kielder. At each of the supplied coordinates the participants took part in PLT’s (Planned Leadership Tasks). The leadership tasks have the participants following the NATO sequence of orders while they are briefing their team.

At Lunch time there was time for some more Rat Pack lunches, then Port and Starboard watches swopped activities.

Later that day Ships Company were treated to a BBQ, and a social including some hilarious mess games!

Sunday morning saw the camp site packed up and squared away, and after another Rat Pack breakfast the participants geared themselves up for a walk to a clearing for a sports session led by LH Forrest, and planned by AB’s Mallaburn and Parsons. With a common wealth Games flavour teams A and 1 fought it out through a serious of mini games. After a visit from HMS Calliope's CO (Commanding Officer), the session was finished off with a game of touch Rugby.

A weekend that was enjoyed by all involved! BZ to AB’s Mallaburn and Parsons who were the planners and organisers for this year’s training exercise!