Welcome to Legion Vic VI Triathlon Club

This Club is exclusive to all Cadets and serving Cadet Force Adult Volunteers within the NE RFCA region.

The Club is affiliated to British Triathlon and every year delivers a number fo events for Cadets and Adult Volunteers across our area.

Who are the Club Coaches and Activators?

Head Coach: Iain Clyde

     British Triathlon Level 2 Diploma Coach

     British Triathlon Strength and Conditioning Coach

     Anatomy In Motion Wake Your body up activator

     British Triathlon GB Age Group Team member

Club Coach: Lara Greggs

     British Triathlon Level 1 Coach

     British Triathlon GB Age Group Team member

     Lara is an Air Cadet at 607 (Wearmouth) Squadron

Club Activator: Sara Faulks

     British Triathlon Activator

     Sara is an Adult Volunteer with Cleveland Army Cadet Force

What does the Club Offer?

     Coaching assistance

     Club Bike Pool for use at training and events.


     3 x Multisport Training Days, which includes strength and conditioning and mobility workshops.

     Cadet Durathlon – Run/Bike/Run event

     Cadet Aquathlon – Swim/Run

These events are open to all Cadets and CFAVs in the region. There is no age limit. All events and distances are aligned to British Triathlon Age Groups:



Tri Star 2



Tri Star 3






Juniors 17-18





Ages are as at 31 Dec 2019

The Brims Cup

This is the highlight of the Multi sport year where each Cadet Force competes in a Mixed Relay against each other for The Brims Cup. The event is held at Hummersknott School, Darlington.

What is Mixed Relay?

Triathlon Mixed Relay format has brought racing at its most thrilling, where the individual sport combines with pure team spirit. Athletes must complete a super-sprint triathlon - 100m swim, 2.2km bike ride and 1km run - before tagging off to a teammate, always in the order female-male-female-male. Among the most exciting aspects of these races for spectators is the athletes’ dramatic sprint and dive after being tagged by their teammate, as well as the intensity and speed from start to finish, the tight back-and-forth lead changes and team pride that this innovative racing format elicits.

In the Cadet version there is the added excitement of each team compromising of a member from the Youth, Junior and adult age groups.