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More First Aid Success for Durham ACF

Another five Durham Army Cadets have been recognised formally for first aid treatment in real life situations. They were each presented with difficult situations and without hesitation all five young people acted with no consideration for themselves, resulting in saving lives.

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Lewis Knight from Chester le Street Detachment received the prestigious Royal Humane Society Resuscitation Certificate and St John Ambulance Letter of Appreciation for two separate incidents. In the first, Lewis performed Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) on a fellow student; without his quick thinking the situation may have been very different! The casualty had suffered a seizure and was drifting in and out of consciousness, and Lewis had to make a difficult decision: to either wait for the paramedics or start CPR. Luckily for the casualty he chose to commence CPR. In the second he was met with a gentleman who had fallen over banging his head. He immediately applied pressure and ensured that an ambulance was called.

Cadet Sergeant Luke Wood from Spennymoor Detachment and Cadet Lance Corporal Simon English from Darlington Detachment  were awarded the St John Ambulance Letter of Appreciation for actions taken in a local supermarket earlier this year. They were both presented with a very difficult situation when an elderly gentleman collapsed hitting his head as he fell to the ground. They acted quickly ensuring the gentleman came to no further harm whilst they controlled the bleed. They waited with the gentleman until the paramedics arrived.

Cadet Lance Corporal Sebastian Ayre from Hebburn Detachment was awarded the St John Ambulance Letter of Appreciation for his quick thinking in a tricky situation. Sebastian was on his way to a cadet camp when he came across what appeared to be a drunken man on a secluded street with no one around. After further investigation, Sebastian realised that he had a head injury after a fall and without hesitation put his first aid skills into practice. 

Cadet Hannah Justice from Consett Detachment, B Company was awarded the British Red Cross Humanitarian Citizen Certificate for her brave actions. Late last year, Hannah was out on her bike when she was met in a remote location with an out of control horse that had thrown off its rider, fracturing her spine. She took control of the horse, treated the rider and then had to cross several fields to meet the paramedics about a kilometre away and then make the return journey helping them to carry their kit.

Colonel Brian Kitching, Commandant Durham ACF said; "I am thrilled that once again our cadets are stepping up and putting their first aid skills taught in the ACF to good use in very difficult situations. You are all to be commended. Congratulations".

First Aid Award English

Cadet Lance Corporal Simon English

First Aid Award Wood

Cadet Sergeant Luke Wood