Reserve Forces and Cadets Association
for North of England

Londonderry Hall Trust

Registered Charity Number 224491

The main objectives of the Charity were that Londonderry Hall should be held for the use by the County ACF as its Drill Hall and Headquarters.  The investments, cash funds and income therefrom could be used for the insurance and general upkeep of the Hall and the general financing of the operations of the County, including assistance with camps and the purchase of equipment, instruments and trophies, where these could not be funded from public funds.  

The Trustees make special grants as they feel necessary in support of Durham Army Cadet Force in general and A Company in particular.  The Trust Secretary is authorised to make single grants of up to £1,000 without prior reference to the Trustees.

The Trustees always seek feedback on the actual use of the grants given and the achievements made, including those given to individuals. The explanations and feedback received are sufficient for monitoring the quality of the grants made.

The Trustees have set a policy that the available funds should be invested so as to maximise the total return (capital growth plus income) with a medium level of risk.

Total return from investments and other income is split between funds retained as capital and funds used as income. Although the Trustees have the power to spend these funds, the investment of capital is the only regular source of ongoing income and so the fund is invested with the objective of ensuring that the fund retains approximately its real value in the medium term. This approach means the money available to spend as income can fluctuate however, to ensure the amount available for grants remains relatively stable from year to year, the trustees have set the level of grants at what is seen to be achievable and sustainable.

Tax Status

As the Trust is recognised by the Charity Commissioners and HM Revenue and Customs as being established for charitable purposes, it is exempt from the taxation of its profits.

Management and Governance Arrangements

The Trust deed provides for an unlimited number of trustees. The Chief Executive and the Deputy Chief Executive of the NE RFCA are ex-officio trustees. The Deputy Chief Executive is the Trust Secretary.

The current trustees are:

Colonel A A E Glenton CBE TD DL (Chairman)

Colonel A W Illingworth TD JP

Colonel W R Porteous OBE TD DL

Colonel M J F Sheffield OBE TD DL LLB

Wing Commander E H Lowe OBE DL RAFVR(T)

Brigadier P J A Baker OBE, Ex-Officio Trustee

Lieutenant Colonel J I Clyde, Ex-Officio Trustee