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103 (TEE) Fd Sqn 71 Eng Regt - International Bavarian Military Competition 2018

In late July a 3-man team from 103 (TEE) Fd Sqn, 71 Engineer Regiment, travelled to Lechfeld Air Base, Germany to take part in an International shooting competition comprising of 30 teams from all over the world.

The team (Cpl Bowman, LCpl Turnbull and Spr Scorer-Walton) had the chance to use a variety of unfamiliar weapons systems including MG3s, MG5s, MP5Ks and even a HK 40mm grenade launcher, in a competition that spanned 7 different events. Finishing in a very respectable 9th out of 30 teams, this proved to be an excellent training and Defence Engagement opportunity, with options for future activity already being identified. 

During the first event ‘Fast and Furious’, the team, armed with G36s and a laser system, were mounted on a German military vehicle driven along at speed through 2km on rough terrain. On the move, the team had to engage a series of targets with blank rounds while their accuracy was recorded by the laser weapon systems. At the end of the rough terrain, there was a 100m sprint (used to differentiate teams with the same scores in the shooting) which saw the team arrive at another event: Tower Defence. In this event a series of targets were set up between 50 and 250 meters and team members were given 3 three rounds and a HK 40mm grenade launcher to destroy them.

On the second day's first event was called ‘Rush Hour’, and consisted of a series of red, yellow and green targets. A traffic light determined which target the team member should aim for. The team sprinted from the 300m to 200m and then to the 100m fire point, overcoming a scattering of obstacles and firing at each point along the way. Out of the 30 teams taking part, 103’s team was the fastest to complete this event!

The best shoot of the competition was the ‘Awesome Foursome’ with targets set up in four neighbouring ranges at 30m. In this exciting event the team went between each lane using different weapon systems on differing targets in consecutive lanes. The team especially enjoyed getting to grips with the fearsome MG3.

On the final evening, there was a presentation in the officer’s mess and prizes were awarded by Colonel Niedermeier. The 103 team received a gold award for completing ‘Rush Hour’ in the fastest time since the competition began.

Overall the entire event was hugely successful, providing both a dynamic and varied competition alongside great opportunities to socialise and compete against teams from different nations. It was a fantastic experience and a pleasure to represent 103 and the Corps.

Cpl Bowman LCpl Turnbull Spr Scorer-Walton

Cpl Bowman Firing the MG 3

Spr Scorer-Walton in a  30 Fennek reconnaissance vehicle